How to organize your refrigerator?

An empty fridge is bad, an overfilled one even worse.
A disorganized fridge could lead to food waste.

Organizing your fridge and freezer is an art. The main idea of re-organizing your WAVES fridge is to maximize your space in order to make your food more accessible and minimize food waste. Having an organized WAVES fridge not only makes you feel great every time you open the door, but it saves time when you’re trying to get a meal put together.
The fridge door is the best place to store frequently used items and those that don’t require the coldest temperature.

Freeze things in pre-portioned sizes
Label everything, All packages should have the contents and dates written on them.
Use some zip-top bags.
Adjust and manage your shelves according to space.
Keep everything fresh.
Keep your vents clear.
Line Your Shelves With Easy-To-Clean Mats.
Do a quick cleanup of expired food.