Best way to defrost you freezer!

Defrosting freezer is no doubt a cumbersome and time-consuming task to do so, but you donít have to worry about that because today weíll explore the top best ways that can be employed to defrost your freezer.

Ways to defrost your freezers:

1. First of all, switch off the freezer and let the ice melt.
2. Plus, make sure to take out all the frozen stuff of the freezer and store it in some sort of coolers with ice packs around to keep it cool.
3. Take out the drawers and grills out and clean them.
4. Then collect a few newspapers and towels, wrap your freezer with the newspapers so that they wonít let water spread all around.
5. Now put the towels in the base of the freezer, by doing this youíre allowing the melted ice to get absorbed in the towels so that it wonít get spread on the floor.

Now there are three different ways to get the job done depending on how you like to do things.

Hot Water Pan Method

1. This is one of the most commonly used method that is easy and time saving. All you need to do is to grab a pan, add water to it and boil it on stove. Now take a piece of non conductive material wood for instance place it on the bottom and place the pan on top of it f the freezer and close the door for at least 5 mins, let the ice melt and redo it until it melts.

Scrapping Method

1. It is usually a dangerous method to try out because it demands a lot of safety and security measures to be obeyed. All you need to do is to use plastic spatula to scratch the ice from the freezer

Melting the ice with Fan

1. This method works fine if the air in your house is warm enough to melt the ice inside the freezer. For that purpose youíre required to open the freezers door, place the fan face towards it and leave it for an hour approximately. This works good if your freezer isnít chest freezer.
2. After doing any of the above method to melt the ice, clean the melted ice from the freezer.
3. Dry it with towels and Taa-Daa its done.!!